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artist, consultant

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Who Dis?

My name is Kevin N. Murphy, Welcome! and thank you so much for stopping by. I built this site to let you know a bit about myself and what I work on.

As of Q2 2021 I am booking new work. Let’s talk

I have a wide range of professional experience but here are a few specific areas I have valuable expertise

  • Digital/Virtual Event Solutions
  • Product Management/SaaS Operations
  • No-code and low-code development
  • making art (video and photography )
  • web development / solution engineering
  • media operations, event production A/V (live and remote)

Lately I’ve been filming Hummingbirds. As a young teenager, I discovered yo-yos and was quickly hired by stores to perform demonstrations and teach classes around Central Florida. My most recent photo projects explore places at night and clouds. Some good friends nicknamed me “Burrito Murphy”.

I co-founded the media agency FRANK back in 2011. The bulk of my media, event production work is done in partnership with FRANK. We’ve filmed hundreds of videos for the aesthetic medicine industry, doctors and nurse practitioners, as well as medical equipment manufactures. These productions were mostly happening live on conference exhibit floors where the pressure can really be intense with schedules and the feeling everyone is watching. In many ways the production itself was the exhibit but we still had to get good takes! It was a fun couple of years but then COVID-19 put an end to in-person events. Thinking of doing a virtual event? Don’t waste your budget on low impact time bound events. Now that in-person events are such a risky investment, what should you invest in? Build a community. Lets talk! Need to shoot something remotely at high quality? Building out your home video studio? I can help with that as well. (Sigh… nope Airpods and home WiFi is not enough.)

In 2015 I joined my brother Elliot at his company Kindly Ops (Cloud Security, DevOps, Compliance for Regulated Industries). As the first employee I played various roles: from building out our first website (we went with Jamstack, just like this site!) to acting as project manager for pentesting engagements, performing cloud security assessments and writing reports, teaching and mentoring junior developers and interns. Kindly Ops acquired Chirpy Hire in February 2019, and in September 2019. I took over as product manager after each of the acquisitions and really enjoyed the intense ramp up we did to keep both products running while learning the new (to us) systems. It’s a great way to hire your next remote employee!

In 2018 my wife Whitney and I started a test hair salon for a new way of hairdressing she had come up with. It was called The Parlor Seattle, and unlike any other salon, safety was emphasized. This resulted in an experience like no other, one where people’s safety is a priority. This did mean slowing things down, and paying more attention but the results were amazing and Whitney really built something we were proud of. While I helped with operations and strategy Whitney gets 100% of the credit for the coaching and safety education she created for a group of workers that are so overlooked when it comes to occupational health hazards and chronic illness. If there is a hairdresser you love in your life, you need to send them to Whitney’s Instagram We closed the salon due to COVID19 in October 2020 and Whitney is taking time to address the many health concerns caused both COVID19 and being exposed to chemicals as a hairdresser.

Thanks for taking the time to come by, like I mentioned above, as of Q2 2021 I’m open for new projects. If you have a project you’d like to discuss please setup an appointment below.

  • Virtual & Remote Production
  • Night time Drone photography
  • Media/Event/AV/Production Operations (MediaOps)
  • Eco-building – superadobe, hyperadobe, Earthships, hempcrete
  • Renewable energy – geothermal, passive solar, rocket mass heaters, smoke gas


Senior Product Manager -
Sep 2019 – Aug 2020 Remote, company HQ in Portland, ME

Responsibilities include:

  • Customer On-boarding, Support
  • Billing System Management
  • Partner Relationships
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Go to market strategy
  • managing development of marketing assets
Senior Product Manager - Chirpy Hire
Feb 2019 – Aug 2020 Remote, company HQ in Portland, ME

Responsibilities include:

  • Customer On-boarding, Support
  • Billing System Management
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Go to market strategy
  • Managing business partners
  • managing development of marketing assets
  • Sales
Cloud Software Engineer
Sep 2015 – Mar 2019 Remote, company HQ in Portland, ME

Responsibilities include:

  • building out cloud infrastructure for clients
  • infrastructure planning and cost optimization
  • mentor client teams on cloud best practices for CI/CD and security
  • conduct cloud security assessments and write/review reports for client
  • project management for security assessment practice
Consultant - Producer
Sep 2015 – Present Seattle, WA - worldwide
  • Production team lead for large conference productions
  • Live to tape Producer
  • Pre-production gear and travel coordination
Co-founder, Producer, DoP, Photographer
Mar 2011 – Aug 2015 Seattle, WA - worldwide
  • Camera packages
  • lighting plans
  • glidecam operator
  • principle photography


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