Video for Business while Working from Home

This is a vast subject so these notes will continue as a work-in-progress.

Basics Overview

There are a few basic pieces of equipment that make up a video setup. You have likely noticed this in lots of different ways but its important to call out more directly as we start to discuss each detail because we’ll be discussing them one by one and in most cases they’ve come pre-packaged for us to some extent.

Typically a home setup has a minimum of

  • Computer with a monitor or screen for running Zoom or other software
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Speakers or Headphones

Questions for “what kinda video setup do you need”

Are you?

  • Wfh associate ($90k)
  • wfh professional ($170k)
  • wfh manager ($150k)
  • Wfh executive ($200k+)
  • c - suite 100+ employees
  • mid level management / team lead 5 + direct reports
  • individual contributor
  • rule of thumb is 5% of monthly salary on clothing, 7% if just starting, don’t go into debt

how you hear others (return audio)

  • in ear monitor - IEM/EFB (look up proper terms)
  • ear phones
    • airbuds
  • speakers (don’t use)
  • AirPods

how others hear you


  • microphone
    • heil PR40
    • Shure SMB7
  • headset
    • Pyle dual ear
    • countrymen
    • DPA 40?
  • built in microphone
  • AirPods mic

audio interface

  • scarlet
  • mixpre II 3
  • Motu m2
  • Sabrent
  • audio technical usb-c
  • tech rise

how you see others (return video)

  • computer monitor
  • TV as display
  • tv zoom room

how others see you


  • Godex Webcasting Ambient
  • Godex Light Bar
  • High CRI 95+
  • Larger diffused source is more flattering and looks more professional
  • Plan on more than one


  • falcon eyes
  • aputur
  • nan lite
  • no ring lights
  • accent lights
    • rgb usb rechargeables
    • low voltage string lights
    • DIY LED / Custom LED
    • aputur bulbs
    • philips / Feit

Light Support

  • manfrotto auto poles
  • speed rail grid
  • kee klamps

Video Cameras

  • built in webcam (worst)
  • usb webcam (c920, brio 4K, huddlecam hd 4K)
  • hdmi camera capture card (magewell, cam link)
  • ATEM Mini pro iso (if you ever intend to record anything)
  • ATEM Mini Pro (if you ever present anything)
  • HDMI Camera - a6500, zcam e2c, iPhone hdmi
  • Sony A6400, A6300, A6500, A6600

Camera Support

  • speed rail goal post
  • 8020
  • monoprice (iffy)
  • overhead grid
  • grip arms
  • tripods

Multiple Video Sources


  • ATEM Mini
  • ATEM Mini Pro
  • ATEM Mini Pro ISO
  • ATEM Streaming Bridge


  • OBS Project
  • Streamlabs OBS
  • MimoLive (macOS)
  • vMix


Monitoring Audio

Live Streaming

  • ATEM Mini Pro
  • ATEM Mini Pro ISO
  • OBS
  • MimoLive
  • vMix