Add Logo to Zoom

Brand your webcam for free!

Over the course of 2020 lots of my friends and colleagues reached out to ask how they could use a logo on their webcam during a Zoom meeting or really during any type of common video conference. Typically my advice would involve asking what kind of system they were on (mac, windows, linux) and how powerful their system was. During that part of the conversation I can better asses their technical abilities and try to steer towards a solution that will be reliable and easy to use.

Most of the options out there like OBS, MimoLive, vMix, all require a lot of CPU usage from systems. Since the task is so small, I decided to try it with Snap Camera. Turns out its a free and easy way to have portable, cross platform (available on mac, windows) logo on your webcam!

Kevin 🌯 Murphy
Kevin 🌯 Murphy
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