Don't Waste their Time

You’ll pay for it if you do.

Do you feel upset when you sense your time is being wasted?

Take airports for example: When you queue up inside a long line with all the winding dividers…

“no problem, this is an airport after all”

What about when the airport is empty and you still have to walk through that maze? Do you feel irritated about not being able to walk directly to the scanners?

I sure do. I mean I put up with it when I have too; but with a choice? Not a chance. That’s why I bought Clear. TSA Pre-Check. I paid a premium (a fee) to avoid ‘wasting time’ even when there is a line.

This is fascinating to me because it is not a waste of time to follow security precautions or to have the infrastructure in place for crowd control. There are logically sound reasons for all of this ‘frustration’.

I still paid to avoid it.

There are lots of reasons for the way events used to look and feel in person. But who cares now?

People now have a choice. It is not expected they be willing or even legally allowed to travel to your event in person.

People attending events - when presented with a choice to avoid all the nonsense required of being in person - will choose not to waste their time. Even if it’s more expensive.

So, why are you worrying about when you can host ‘in-person’ events again? Stop.

Ask yourself:

In view of what’s changed for my business & customers, What choices around experience would be superior for my audience? Is it even ‘an event’?

You need a strategy for sustainable engagement over time.

Businesses have a huge opportunity right now to go direct to their customers and delight them. No more ‘event maze’ friction. People individually are feeling more isolated than ever because of the restrictions. How are you rewarding them for their attention?

What do they want to talk to you about?

Do you have anything to say to them?

I’d love to know what you think.

Kevin 🌯 Murphy
Kevin 🌯 Murphy
artist, consultant

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