What does Live mean now?

Words are confusing.




It’s a generic term that has lost its usefulness in our current time. Whatever it meant to you before the pandemic, a live experience isn’t a specific thing. It’s a million things at least.

Why do any production in real-time?

Alex Lindsay often says there are 3 reasons to go ‘live’:

  1. Breaking news
  2. Sports
  3. Interaction/Conversation

Conference events, it turns out, are quite the circus. Exhibit floors? Yes, it’s true. Nothing quite says “industry conference” like a giant ballroom filled with sales staff. A ‘pseudo fleamarket’ experience. Great place to score socks with logos of companies on them. We did distractedly accept a few business cards…

Why did we even bother?

It’s the conversations. The interactions. Away from the exhibit floor, away from the presentations. Where we met colleagues and became friends. We shared our experience of working in our particular industry. For anyone involved in sales and product development, it was essential. Well, for anyone who could afford to attend or host these events. In 2020 the cost of attending was too great. A global pandemic is quite ‘the final straw’. Feels more like another camel than a final straw. It’s not always something small that challenges our expectations.

What about now though? How would you like to find and take part in these conversations now? I’d love to know what you think.

Kevin 🌯 Murphy
Kevin 🌯 Murphy
artist, consultant

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